Cloudy with a chance of heavy Fog

Cloudy with a chance of heavy Fog


Yehia El Khatib


Cloud and fog computing are powerful paradigms. The cloud has, in more ways than one, revolutionised service provisioning, while the fog seems to be the missing piece that will help attain the full potential of IoT, ICT4D, and more. However, each of these paradigms is shrouded in its own mystery. In this talk, I will be discussing how to use machine learning to help select the optimal cloud service offering, backed by extensive experimentation on a major public cloud infrastructure. I will then be briefly talking about delivering fog solutions, focusing on micro-cloud infrastructures.


Dr. Yehia Elkhatib is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) of distributed systems at the School of Computing and Communications of Lancaster University, UK. He works to enable distributed applications to traverse infrastructural boundaries. Yehia is the creator and chair of the international Cross-Cloud workshop series. Beyond the cloud, Yehia works on border-free architectures in intent-driven networks, systems of systems, and information centric networks. He also works on advocating network-awareness which involves measuring networked systems, evaluating network protocols, and proposing new network management strategies.