Date Title Speaker Location Time
Sep 20th (Wed) Video Reflection Removal Through Spatio-Temporal Optimization(Abstract) Ajay N. Nandoriya RDC (1st floor) 11:00-12:00
May 7th (Sun) Massive Processing and Mining of Big Data on DaaS-based Cloud(Abstract) Fatos Xhafa RDC (1st floor) 11:00-12:00
May 3rd (Wed) Crowdsourcing the Acquisition of Video Segmentations by Propagation, Evaluation and Merge(Abstract) Mohamed Elgharib RDC (1st floor) 11:00-12:00
Apr 19th (Wed) Quantifying and Reducing Controversy in Social Media(Abstract) Gianmarco De Francisci Morales RDC (1st floor) 11:00-12:00
Apr 12th (Wed) Kharita: Robust Map Inference using Graph Spanners(Abstract) Rade Stanojevic RDC (1st floor) 11:00-12:00
Apr 5th (Wed) Cloudy with a chance of heavy Fog(Abstract) Yehia El Khatib RDC (1st floor) 11:00-12:00
Mar 22nd (Wed) GridGraph and Gemini: Scale-Up and Scale-Out Graph Processing(Abstract) Xiaowei Zhu RDC (1st floor) 11:00-12:00
Mar 8th (Wed) 1) Vision Perception Models and Their Applications to Image Processing and Computer Vision 2) An Accurate View Generation from a Single Image using Convolutional Neural Networks(Abstract) Sung-Ho Bae RDC (1st floor) 11:00-12:00
Feb 22nd (Wed) Templating in Personal Information Management: A Graph-Based Object-Oriented Model(Abstract) Meshaal Al-Saffar RDC (1st floor) 11:00-12:00
Feb 15th (Wed) Securing IoT Platforms: Systematic Analysis and Design(Abstract) Atul Prakash RDC (1st floor) 11:00-12:00
Feb 8th (Wed) A practical, lightweight, hybrid cache sharing/partitioning scheme for multicore systems(Abstract) Nosayba El-Sayed RDC (1st floor) 11:00-12:00
Feb 1st (Wed) Arabesque In Action: Graph Mining Applications(Abstract) Eslam Hussein RDC (1st floor) 11:00-12:00


Date Title Speaker Location Time
Sep 21st (Wed) GraphQ: Distributed Graph Search via Subgraph Isomorphism(Abstract) Georgos Siganos RDC (1st floor) 11:00-12:00
Sep 7th (Wed) Community Detection within Social Networks(Abstract) Eslam Hussein RDC (1st floor) 11:00-12:00
Jun 29th (Wed) Painting Style Transfer for Head Portraits using Convolutional Neural Networks(Abstract) Mohamed Elgharib RDC (1st floor) 11:00-12:00
Jun 22th (Wed) Exploring the new world of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality(Abstract) Abdurrahman Ghanem RDC (1st floor) 11:00-12:00
Jun 15th (Wed) Risk scoring in car insurance(Abstract) Rade Stanojevic RDC (1st floor) 11:00-12:00
Jun 8th (Wed) 2D to 3D conversion for close-up soccer Highlights(Abstract) Anis Troudi RDC (1st floor) 11:00-12:00
Jun 1st (Wed) Shepherd: Improving Datacenter Efficiency through Partitioning-Aware Scheduling(Abstract) Xu Ji RDC (1st floor) 11:00-12:00
May 25th (Wed) NoSE: Schema Design for NoSQL Applications(Abstract) Dr. Ashraf Aboulnaga RDC (1st floor) 11:00-12:00
May 19th (Wed) Mobile App Development, Options and Choices(Abstract) Abdurrahman Ghanem RDC (1st floor) 11:00-12:00
Apr 4th (Mon) Building an Open Stack for IoT(Abstract) Dr. Khalid Elgazzar Tornado Tower (18th floor) 11:00-12:00


Date Title Speaker Location Time
Dec 10th (Thu) An In-Memory Object Caching Framework with Adaptive Load Balancing(Abstract) Dr. Ali R. Butt (external) Tornado Tower (18th floor) 11:00-12:00
Dec 2nd (Wed) Automatic Memory Tuning for Hadoop (Abstract) Dr. Ashraf Aboulnaga Tornado Tower (10th floor) 11:00-12:00