Distributed Systems Group - QCRI

Distributed Systems Group

The Distributed Systems group at QCRI is currently focusing on three research areas:

  1. Next Generation Cloud Infrastructures: Develop algorithms for managing clouds with asymmetric cores, processor accelerators, and GPUs. Design power management methods for clouds with heterogeneous processing elements. Design algorithms to integrate and utilize solid state storage (flash) with traditional storage systems to maximize performance for data-intensive applications. Improve cloud management software to provide QoS in multi-tenant environments: guaranteed CPU shares, network bandwidth, and I/O bandwidth.
    • Managing Clouds with Heterogeneous Resources
    • Elastic Storage Systems

  2. Distributed Algorithms for Massive Data: Design distributed approximation algorithms for processing large data sets with quantifiable and controllable tradeoffs between accuracy of results and time and space requirements. Apply developed algorithms on different applications from scientific computing, data analytics, and Arabic language technologies centers. Design algorithms to provide fault tolerance in cloud systems and integrate them in cloud management software.
    • Distributed and Approximate Big Data Analysis

  3. Cloud Applications and Services: Design large-scale cloud applications relevant to industries and businesses in the region, such as the Media industry exemplified by Aljazeera. Develop new services and applications that can be efficiently offered though cloud environments. Design tools and systems to facilitate migration of traditional software applications and IT services to cloud environments. Collaborate with other groups at QCRI to scale their applications and deploy them on clouds.
    • Cloud-based Multimedia Content Distribution and Protection Platform
    • ePigeon: Reliable News Videos Upload and Dissemination Over the Cloud

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